August 27, 2010


Definition: (noun) the beginning, as of a project or undertaking.

No, this is not a grammar lesson, and no this is not a review of how good Leo looks in his latest movie- but while I'm on the subject- he looks dreamy (appropriate adjective if i do say so) and has ever since the Growing Pains days. I digress... but speaking of dreams, I've been thinking about mine lately. Everyone says "Dream big!" And I've been like, "Ya! I'm gonna!" What if what I thought were really big dreams, are turning out to be quite narrow and small. I've begun a project- written an EP, and will record and finish it late September. That's pretty cool I guess. Now, where do I go from there?? Well I could bore you with marketing plans, tour dates, blah blah blah (all of which I will implement) but really, where is this really going to take me in life? Answer: I don't know

Uncertainty comes with the territory of creativity. I watched a video, a 20 minute speech, that Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love) gave about creativity and its source... the genius behind our creation. To consider that genius or creativity is not ours to claim, but just on loan from a higher power. I completely agree. However, say God shows up one day- totally blesses whatever you are working on, in my case a song or an album. Say it's my opus, my "Continuum"- How do you follow up with something after what everyone has considered your best work? Now, clearly I'm not at that point in my career. Yet, I still think about it... what happens after my best work is done? Is my dream over... what's the point in trying to do better than my best (or what everyone perceives to be my best work)? Answer: I don't know

I do know, that it is worth showing up to work everyday especially it being something I love to do, to keep on creating with the hopes that God will bless my efforts beyond my small-minded dreams. What are my mere attempts at music could be something great with a little genius on loan. I'm in the inception phase of my dreams, I'm dreaming up something small and hoping God has a bigger plan within this dream. All I can do is show up everyday, ready for anything- open to every opportunity.

I'm not scared to dream or to want for fear of failure OR success... this is just the beginning. 

All the love,